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Metro Lock & Safe Values Customer Service

The Locksmith Code of Good Customer Service

Providing Excellent Customer Care: Why it Matters to Our Locksmiths

Customer service is important in every service industry; that is a given. For locksmith professionals it is particularly important. It is an unfortunate truth that there are a lot of shady individuals and companies out there who hang their shingle and claim to be a locksmith professional. Some of these individuals have little to no experience and may not have the proper tools and equipment to handle lockouts, re-keying, and other services. They may cause damage in the process of their services. Still other companies are scams and hike up costs from what was quoted on the phone to what they charge once the service has already been provided. If customers refuse to pay the increased rate, they are often intimidated with a threat of being sent to a collection agency where they will pay even more and also have their credit affected. Metro Lock & Safe uses only our own, in-house locksmiths in Phoenix. Each of our professional staff is well-trained and has passed an extensive background check. But, we don’t stop there. The members of our team are polite, friendly, and approachable.

Below is some of the ways we show our commitment to delivering excellent customer care, alongside the highest-quality professional locksmith services. We understand that being locked out or having a safety professional come to your home or business can put an individual in a vulnerable position. We want our customers to feel confident that they are being helped by a qualified person who has the expertise to help, and who also cares about the customer. There is nothing worse than calling for a safety professional and the person who arrives has his own creep-factor!

Locksmith Customer Care 101

1. Answering the Call

The experience for each customer begins with the first contact; most often that happens over the phone. We believe a smile can be heard. Our staff realizes that when a person calls because they are locked out, they are usually frustrated and may be scared. Our staff is understanding and reassuring. We give you an accurate estimate of when we can get someone out to help and can even offer advice on where to go to stay safe until we arrive.

2. Quick Response

Whatever the reason for your call—to change the locks in your home, improve the security of your business, or to get back in when you’ve been locked out of a car or building—we make it our priority to get to you fast. We have a large mobile response team covering a majority of Phoenix and the Greater Metro area. We service Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert, Mesa, and the cities surrounding these areas 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Wherever you are, we are not far away. When you need to schedule an appointment, we keep time-slots open for urgent calls. Our commitment is to be here when you need us at a time that is most convenient to you. 

3. Reliable and Trustworthy

When you call Metro Lock & Safe, you get upfront, transparent information. Our prices are competitive and realistic. The price we quote over the phone is the one we stick to. Some unscrupulous locksmiths under-quote all their competitors, only to show up and raise the price. They count on the customer giving in because he or she does not want to start over with a different company. Some locksmiths even get belligerent and try to bully the customer into paying for the service by saying he or she already owes money for the locksmith’s transpiration to the site. We believe in a no-pressure, honest approach. We are happy to answer your questions, give you a quote on services, and let you make a decision from there. There are no hidden fees and never any obligation to use our services.

4. Knowledgeable Team

Any business is only as good as the people it hires. As discussed above, we understand the scams out there have made calling a locksmith feel like a scary endeavor. Each member of our team is carefully selected for his or her knowledge, experience, and commitment to excellent customer care. Each new hire is carefully checked out and then supervised until we are confident in his or her skill and ability. We never contract services out to unknown individuals or other locksmith services. As a locally-owned business, we live and work in the same community. We want to inspire confidence and a feeling of security for our community. That is why we never make exceptions when looking for the very best employees to be part of our team.

5. Attention to Detail

We see our job as not only getting to you quickly but being fully available to you while we’re there. Some services send out a locksmith who is focused on hurrying through the project to get to the next job. While we are with you, you are our only focus and the only priority. We hire enough individuals to meet the demand of calls coming in. That way, we can give undivided attention to each customer. We take the time to listen to what you need, answer questions or concerns, and help you understand the process. In addition to taking time with the customer, we also take time to do the job right. We care about finishing a job well done, and that means paying attention to the details as we go and testing the work to ensure it is done correctly before we leave.

6. Showing Up Prepared

Our fleet of vehicles stays fully stocked and ready for any situation. We also carry a large selection of safes, locks, and security supplies at our storefront. Whether you make an appointment for services in your home or business or call for our mobile unit, the locksmith professional who arrives will have everything needed to handle the service you want.

We have earned a reputation as a trusted name since 1979 by holding a devoted commitment to reliable services and excellent customer care. We know it is important to deliver a reputable, trustworthy locksmith service that Phoenix and the Greater Valley can rely on. We are proud to provide our customers with a solution they can trust!

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The Locksmith Code of Good Customer Service

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