Reliable Burglary Safes

If you’ve never purchased a burglary safe, understanding the coding and jargon can be difficult. Our experts at Metro Lock & Safe Inc. are here to help guide you through the process of finding the right protection. Most businesses that have valuable assets will use a reliable burglary safes in to protect those items. In addition, if your business has patents, formulas, inventions, classified information, or other intellectual material that is proprietary to your company, protecting that data from burglary with a burglary safe is important to ensure your competitive edge.

The right burglary safe for your business will protect against forced entry, no matter what types of tools the burglar is using. Some of the most common tools burglars use include hand tools, power tools, torches, chemicals, and explosives.

If someone does manage to break into your building, a good safe combined with other security measures such as locks and alarm systems, will delay the burglary long enough that police can arrive to apprehend the suspect, or he or she will be forced to flee without stealing any of your valuable items or information.

Classifying Burglary Safes

Most burglary safes are classified based on the types of tools they can withstand, and the length of time each protection mechanism can reasonably be expected to hold.

We can explain rating systems like UL687, TL, TR, TX, and the number system used to indicate the length of time a particular safe can withstand.

Adding extra layers of protection to your security system by choosing the right kind of burglary safe can ensure that your information and valuable property are secured against the threat of theft. Call (602) 663-9828 or Contact Us for burglary safes today.

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