Need better Cash Drop Safe Protection?

The best cash drop safe begins with good lock protection. Proper lock protection can ensure that your cash drop safe cannot be drilled, picked, or broken easily by a thief. Metro Lock & Safe Inc. has a wide range of cash drop safes that offer good baffle protection.

If you operate any retail business or facility where you store cash on the premises, one of the most critical components of your security system is the right cash drop safe that is specific to your business needs.

When you use a drop safe, there must be a slot where money can be dropped in–this area can be a vulnerable point if the drop slot is too large and someone can remove the money without breaking into the safe. Getting protection with anti-fishing baffles can help avoid this problem.

Finally, redundant security measures like a re-locking mechanism can protect you in case someone at your company forgets to lock the safe after opening it.

Locks for Cash Drop Safes

Another decision our experts can help with is what kind of lock you prefer–cash drop safes come with a wide variety of electronic locks, keyed locks, mechanical combination locks, biometric locks, and more. If you’re not sure which one to choose, Metro Lock & Safe Inc. can help you decide based on your unique needs.

If protecting cash is critical to your business, you need a cash drop safe that holds money and prevents theft, no matter what kind of business you’re in. Call Metro Lock & Safe Inc. to add this layer of protection to your business today.

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