Why You Should Have a Safe In Your House

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Do You Have a Safe In Your Home? If so, you’re in the minority. According to a recent survey by, only 38% of Americans own a home security product. Perhaps a home security system doesn’t fit in your budget, but a home safe is an affordable option to give you peace of mind. As […]

How often should you change your locks, and why you should

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The Importance of Changing Your Locks Frequently The security of any premises is essential if you want peace of mind. This protection is especially important in the one place you can let go of all your worries and allow yourself some vulnerability. This space is your sanctum and your home. Any violation of your home […]

What Makes a Good Residential Locksmith

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When Phoenix residents are searching for a locksmith for their home, it’s important to find someone who is dynamic enough to service a full spectrum of lock-related needs while also offering superior customer service. There are several key services residents should look for in a quality locksmith before deciding who to hire. Phoenix Locksmith Necessities […]

Things to Look for When Choosing a Locksmith

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How to Choose the Best Locksmith Locks can fail or malfunction at any time of the day. People in an emergency lockout situation often fall prey to locksmith scams, whether it is an emergency concerning a home or an automobile. Of course, people search online whenever they require a service or product, but scammer locksmiths […]

Can a Locksmith protect you from thieves or break-ins?

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Locksmiths let you in; can they keep others out too? Practically everyone has either dealt with a locksmith personally, been with someone who has, or at least knows a story of how a locksmith came to a friend’s rescue. A quality locksmith works like a modern-day hero, coming to help those in distress in their […]

Don’t Break the Lock! Pick a Good Locksmith Instead

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Don’t Break the Lock! Pick a Local Locksmith Instead It’s an understandable frustration; you only got distracted for half a second and locked yourself out. Maybe you left the keys in your ignition. Maybe you left the oven on. Maybe you left your gate code in your desk. When you’re locked out and can’t wait […]

The Locksmith Code of Good Customer Service

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Providing Excellent Customer Care: Why it Matters to Our Locksmiths Customer service is important in every service industry; that is a given. For locksmith professionals it is particularly important. It is an unfortunate truth that there are a lot of shady individuals and companies out there who hang their shingle and claim to be a locksmith professional. […]

Scam Alert: Know Your Local Locksmith

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Locksmith scams are back in the news all over the country. KGW News in Oregon recently reported on the many complaints of unlicensed bait-and-switch locksmiths in the areas. As a result of this ongoing rise in locksmith scams we are re-posting this popular blog about the scams to look out for and ways to avoid them. Originally posted […]

Why Leaving Young Children in the Car is Never Okay

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Most parents can think of a time or two that it would have been far easier to simply run into a store, gas station or what have you than to haul several children in and out of car seats just for a gallon of milk. But with more and more media attention now being paid […]

What to Do When Fear Keeps You Up at Night

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Your home is your sanctuary, and is the place you should probably feel the most safe and secure. This is not always the case, however, and everything from the evening news to a backfiring car can rattle you enough to give up, give in and get up and turn on the lights. If you’re tired—literally—of […]


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