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How to Avoid Being Locked Out Of The Car

It happens to everyone. That moment when you start walking away from the car, and suddenly realize that the car is locked and the keys are inside. So what do you do now? If you take some time to prepare for a lockout, you won’t be in too bad of shape.

The Spare

The first thing you can do to ensure that you don’t remain locked out of your car is to make a spare key and hide it somewhere on the outside of the car. There are magnetic boxes made specifically for this purpose, which you place the spare key in and stick it to a part of your car. There aren’t too many places you can put the key, but you should try to be a little bit creative so that a thief cannot easily find the key and get into the car.

Your Habit

If you are in the habit of locking the doors from the inside, you may want to change your thinking. If you can get yourself in a better habit of only locking the doors from the outside, you obviously will not be able to lock the keys inside because you will need them on the outside. In fact, you may want to get into the habit of unlocking the doors before you get out. Once you are out and you have what you need, that is when you can lock the door.

Contact Numbers

Of course, there are always times that no matter how prepared you are, you may lock yourself out of the car just the same. In that case, keep some contact numbers in your wallet or purse for someone you can call. On your list of contacts, you can include your locksmith, a neighbor with a spare key to your car, a friend who can pick you up if you have to wait to get it unlocked, and any other important numbers. While it might seem like a silly idea, including the number for your boss, your doctor, your lawyer, or other important individuals might be a good idea in case you are on your way to an appointment and will be delayed due to locking yourself out.

Before you take the car out another time, be prepared for the inevitable lockout. Most car owners lock themselves out at least once in their lives, and you should make sure you have a plan before it happens to you. From purchasing a spare and attaching it to the car to getting yourself into the good habit of only locking the door from the outside, you should be in good shape when you are prepared.

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How to Avoid Being Locked Out Of The Car

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