Make Sure You Have Secure Sliding Glass Door and Window Locks

At Metro Lock Service Inc., we provide the best in sliding glass door and window lock systems. Sometimes it is hard to remember that even your sliding glass doors and windows need a strong lock. Of course, it’s easy to remember to put the key in the keyhole of the front and back doors at night, and to check to see if the windows are shut, but people often forget to lock the sliding glass doors and the windows.

The truth is that these entryways are sometimes the easiest way for someone to get into your home. The slide is very quiet and because so many people forget to keep them locked, they are the perfect target for an intruder.

Why Choose Us For Your Sliding Glass Door And Window Lock System?

We provide lock systems at the most competitive prices. Some other benefits include:

  • We are available for 24-hour locksmith emergencies.
  • We make it a priority to get to you within twenty minutes of your call.
  • Our technicians are each bonded and insured.
  • We are certified with the Better Business Bureau.
  • We implement the latest technology and techniques so that your home is highly protected.
  • We offer free price quotes on-site so that you know what we will ask before we ask it.
  • We service customers throughout the entire area.

Don’t leave your home unprotected another second. Call (602) 663-9828 or Contact Us.

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