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Theft-Proofing Your Car

Vehicle safety and security is a concern of every car owner. Most locksmiths have some experience assisting drivers re-enter an accidently locked car and the concern expressed by a driver in such a circumstance can be high. Security, after all, is more than a matter of keeping unwanted people out of a space. Security also has to do with minimizing risk and avoiding becoming the target of crime. There are some valuable hints that you can share with customers who are concerned with the safety of their vehicle.

Preventing a Serious Crime

Each car owner has to confront the fact that their vehicle could someday be the target of theft; this is an unfortunate truth. Managing this risk takes planning and the regular practice of safety habits.

Simple strategies for preventing theft include:

  • Locking front and back doors
  • Rolling windows all the way up
  • Rolling windows all the way up
  • Never leaving valuables in a vehicle
  • Parking in secure locations

These are other theft-prevention strategies may seem like common sense but every year vehicles are left vulnerable because of simple mistakes. Drivers everywhere should understand that preventing vehicle theft is often a matter of small choices.

Theft is Just the Beginning

A stolen car is one of the worst problems a driver might ever face, though it is far from the only one. Vehicle break-ins are another unfortunately common problem. It’s within the means of drivers to manage this risk to a significant degree. While almost nothing will stop a highly determined thief, simple safeguards will go a long way.

Long-term parking lots, such as those serving airports, advertise their security features to attract drivers in need of a safe place to leave their vehicle while they’re away. Before a customer chooses which long-term parking facility they’ll leave their car in, they should inspect the area first. Does the parking lot have tall fences and locking gates? Are there any staff members on site? Are there any security cameras monitoring activity in the parking lot? Customers should seek out a long-term parking lot with as many security features as possible. Even better, instead of leaving the vehicle at a parking lot, a person could arrange for airport pick up and drop off; taxis, buses, and hotel shuttles make transportation to and from airports very easy. Even though a taxi ride costs a few dollars, the price is insignificant when compared to the expense of replacing a car and all the valuables inside it.

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Theft-Proofing Your Car

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