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The Safest Place To Keep A Spare House Key

Do not keep your spare house key in common hiding places such as underneath a doormat or on top of the door frame. Often, burglars can check in common hiding places quickly and easily without arousing much suspicion. People still need a place to keep a spare house key in the event they are accidentally locked out of their home or someone else needs to access their home. For example, a neighbor might need to access your home while you are out of town to water your plants and feed a cat or bird. Below are some of the best places to keep a spare key.

Keep a key in a lockbox hidden on your property

Instead of putting a spare key under a potted plant, hide your spare key in a lockbox hidden behind a plant or vegetation. The security code can offer extra safety while still having the convenience of being able to access your property after being locked out or giving someone else permission to access your property after remembering that you forgot to make arrangements to feed a pet hamster.

Only give a spare key to someone you know and trust

Frequently, people give spare keys to good friends, family members, and significant others. Be careful to only give a spare key to someone you know and trust. Sometimes, giving a spare key to a new neighbor might not be a great idea. The key can easily be duplicated and fall into the wrong hands. In addition, neighbors often know when other neighbors are not home.

Change your locks after a roommate or significant other moves out

As the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry. Ex-roommates can cause problems. These include having duplicate copies of your house key floating about and others granting themselves unauthorized access to your home. When you can no longer keep track of where your spare keys are, it is time to change the locks. Although nothing bad might happen, it is better to have a locksmith change your locks than risk theft.

Other things you need to know about spare keys and changing locks

Always change your locks after a robbery or other suspicious activity has taken place. Also, change your locks after a purse theft which contains your keys, ID with address on it, and/or other means of obtaining your address such as a cell phone. Even if you only have an uneasy feeling, changing your locks can give you peace of mind. In the end, your safety, the safety of your property, and your peace of mind is worth calling a locksmith.

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The Safest Place To Keep A Spare House Key

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