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Spare Keys And Where To Keep Them

People are forgetful. That is a common fact of life. Luckily, spare keys exist for when you inevitably forget your house key or lock your keys in the car. Spares can be very helpful and save you money in the long run since you won’t have to call a locksmith every time you have a problem. However, the thing about burglars is they are aware of spare keys. This means you will want to find places to hide your spares that are discreet and hidden, rather than out in the open and easy to get to. Consider the following tips for hiding your spare keys.


Keeping your spare keys with a friend is one way to avoid hiding it around your property. You will, however, want to make sure you trust this friend completely. There is also the chance of human error, and your friend could lose the key or misplace it somehow, leaving it open to burglars and opportunists.

Natural Settings

Hiding your spare house key should be simple, but it never is. However, using natural scenery as a hiding place is a great way to keep the key hidden. Rocks and plants around your property do not look suspicious to visitors and potential thieves, and can ensure your key goes undetected.

In a Lockbox

These come in a variety of styles and are also great for cars. Keep the lock box in a hidden area and it will be able to protect your key with little trouble. There are many styles to choose from. Some lock boxes have key locks, others have digital pads that require a code to open. Some have magnets, which make them perfect to hide on your automobile, while others can be buried or hidden behind some sort of large natural scenery. The versatility and usability of the lock box makes it a fine choice for any of your spare key needs.

Create Your Own

Do you have a perfect spot for a spare key? Besides the above recommendations, there are many good hiding places for spare keys. Make sure your hiding place is out of the way and not obvious. For example, under the mat is not a good idea, but in the backyard, hanging from a nail underneath your deck could be effective. You can even keep your spare keys buried somewhere out of the way, as long as that area does not get too much foot traffic. The most important thing is to keep the spare key somewhere only you and your family know about.

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Spare Keys And Where To Keep Them

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