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Picking The Right Safe

The right safe for your home

If you are looking into purchasing a safe for your home, you have probably got something important that you want protected.  If it is that valuable to you, it’s important to take the time and make sure you are getting the right safe for what you need.  Although shapes may come in different sizes, shapes and colors, there are four main types of safes, and picking the right one is a matter of assessing what you want to store and where you need to store it.

Burglary Safe

This safe is designed for the most part to protect your valuables against any type of theft. You will use this safe to store important possessions and documents that you want kept safe in the event of a break-in. While these safes are effective to protect against burglary, they may not protect your possessions against fire or damage from other sources.

Fire Safe

This safe is designed to do exactly what its name says – protect the contents from fire. Fire safes are most often used to protect papers and important documents in the event of a fire. They may not offer the highest level of security, and are tested based on how they perform in the case of a fire.

When a fire safe is tested, it is judged on the following criteria:

  • Length of time in minutes
  • Temperature of fire
  • How long the safe can maintain a certain internal temperature

Once a safe has achieved a certain standard, it will be rated according to that standard, in order to better help the consumer choose the right safe to protect their belongings.

Fire & Burglary Safe

These safes are considered multi-purpose, and combine the elements of fire safety and burglar safety in order to protect your belongings from an intruder or from a fire. You may choose to purchase this safe as a way to cover all your bases and avoid extra expenses to store different things.

Data Safe

A data safe is similar to a fire safe but has much more specific qualifications. These safes must maintain a much lower temperature in the event of a fire, and also protect against other things that could damage information, such as humidity or electromagnetic contamination. Ratings for these safes are much harder to achieve, and the criteria is much stricter.

Making Your Choice

Most safes are available in all different sizes and dimensions, and the hardest part if choosing the type of safe you need. Consider what you are hoping to protect, and what it needs to be protected from before you make your final choice.

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Picking The Right Safe

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