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How often should you change your locks, and why you should

The Importance of Changing Your Locks Frequently

The security of any premises is essential if you want peace of mind. This protection is especially important in the one place you can let go of all your worries and allow yourself some vulnerability. This space is your sanctum and your home.

Any violation of your home security, your one place where all cares are thrown out the window, usually feels like an invasion of that secret place, and it is no longer yours.

Many homeowners will resort to critical measures to remedy this. Some will add reinforced steel doors, others a bevy of chains and bolts, but that is all reacting to a problem. The best way to deal with a problem is to anticipate and plan for it.

Break-ins and burglaries are possible because the perpetrator found a weakness in your security set up. It usually is not the walls or the windows. The greatest weakness present is the door lock. That door lock is your best defense, and a poor one will serve to cause you pain and anguish.

This vulnerability is the main reason why security experts recommend changing the locks often. There are a variety of situations in your life that could cause a breach of security. Yes, the door locks are not like periodically refilling AC gas.

If you do undergo or are undergoing some of these situations mentioned, then it is time to change your locks.

Have You Recently Moved?

Moving house can be an exciting time in life, or bittersweet, depending on if you did love the place you were in before. You could also have leaped becoming a homeowner, and you couldn’t wait to move into your new abode.

Whether you’re renting or owning a home, as soon as the previous occupants of the home move out, change the locks before you move in. It’s important to immediately change the locks and ensure that you’re the only one in the building owner who have keys to your apartment or home.

Can’t Find Your Keys?

This one can be especially difficult if you live alone. Losing your keys could be a problem. They may have fallen out of your bag, or someone who knows you may have nicked them from you. Regardless of the reason, that already is a security hazard.

When people move into a new address, they tend to keep a written address with their keys, for reference. As a security measure, don’t do this. Anyone who picks up your keys could easily waltz into your home and wipe it clean of all valuables.

Lock Wear and Tear Are a Natural Part of Life

It doesn’t just happen to your car or bike parts; it happens to every material imaginable. It is the degree of deterioration that’s different. That said, wear and tear do occur with locks. It could be a result of frequent use, the locks have been in use for decades, or they could be a victim of rust and physical breakdown.

A lock that has experienced a greater degree of wear and tear is much more susceptible to the wiles of a lockpicker and other forms of burglars. The moment you notice the mechanisms of the lock are becoming troublesome to users, it is time to start planning for a lock change.

Damaged locks also call for replacement. It does not matter whether a moving incident damaged the lock, playing children, or a forced entry damaged the lock. As long as the lock isn’t operating at its best, even after repairs, that lock should be replaced.

Have You Recently Been a Victim of a Burglary?

While burglars may have gained access to your home by using your windows, they probably left by walking out of the front door after accessing the locks from the inside.

Getting burglarized can cut pretty deep. The trauma is especially impactful if valuable material was stolen, or there was someone in the house who could have been abused or hurt in one way or another. Aside from upgrading your window security, your doors are also a significant part of security.

You will have to start by changing the locks. At this point, the issue of spare keys does not figure into this. The integrity of the home or office should come first, and you can contact a locksmith who will offer you excellent guidance and insights into what you should do.

A Change in Relationship Status

A breakup or relational shift is a reason that most people don’t generally think about until after it has happened. Breakups and divorces are usually painful, even if they when they occur with civility. In such situations, most partners are not thinking about the consequences they may bring upon themselves. They may wait until the partner is away from the house, and they can walk in.

A changing of locks is one way to keep the possessions in the house under your control. Your partner cannot walk in when they want to and take whatever they want. They will have to figure something out with you on your terms.

The Best Lock Maintenance

The security of your living quarters, offices, or business premises is of utmost importance to your peace of mind. To this end, do everything you can to ensure your security is in tip-top shape. Even if you’re yet to move into your own home and still live with roommates, you could still change the locks every time one of them moves out. This practice is especially vital when there was some anger involved.

For all this, you will need a well-qualified person to guide you as you go about maintaining the secure integrity of your premises. When you need a locksmith, pick up the phone and dial Metro Lock and Safe. We are a 24/7 locksmith service with Better Business Bureau certification for A+ service.

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How often should you change your locks, and why you should

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