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FAQ About Fire Safes

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) U.S. Fire Administration, there are more than 100,000 business fires every year. These result in billions of dollars in economic loss. This is why our local locksmith company has been providing fire safes as one of our key services to protect businesses and homeowners’ belongings in the Arizona area. We have been building customer confidence for over 30 years in the locksmith industry. There are a lot of questions surrounding fire safes, so we have decided to provide you with a blog dedicated to answering some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about fire safes, including how they work, how to choose the right one for your home or business, the best place to put it, and much more! Hopefully, this blog will help clarify any questions you might have and help you determine if a fire safe is right for your home or business.

Do fireproof safes really work?

Yes! A fire can break out at any time, and when it does, you’ll be glad you have a fireproof safe to protect your most important belongings. They provide additional security and are the best way to ensure your valuables are protected in case of a fire.

Will money burn in a fireproof safe?

A fireproof safe is an excellent way to protect your belongings, including money, from a fire, and it’s also been tested to withstand temperatures up to 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit. That means that even if your house catches on fire, your money will be protected inside. You can rest assured that your money is protected for the amount of time and heat your fire safe is rated for, which is important to keep in mind as well.

Where is the best place to put a fireproof safe?

A fireproof safe is a good option for safeguarding your belongings in case of a fire. The best place to put your safe is in a room with easy access and away from windows, preferably on the ground floor of your home or business.

What should I put in my fireproof safe?

You can put anything of importance to you in your fire safe! Some items include:

  • Birth certificates
  • Passports
  • Social Security cards
  • Jewelry
  • Pictures
  • Money

…And much more!

How long does a fireproof safe last?

There is a range of products when it comes to fire safes. They run on a rating system. The higher the rating, the more heat it can withstand. In the case of a fire, most fire safes last an average of half-hour, while others can withstand extreme heat for up to 2 hours.

Do locksmiths provide safe services?

In most cases, the answer is yes! Safes are just another type of lock that a professional locksmith can open for you. They have the tools and knowledge to get you into your safe quickly and easily so you can access your belongings inside. Some locksmith companies offer a wide range of services when it comes to safes, including installation, safe cracking, and safe repair.

Why are fire safes beneficial?

Fire safes are extremely beneficial for a variety of reasons.

Fires can cause a lot of damage, and if your business doesn’t have a fire safe, your important documents and assets are at risk. A fire can happen anywhere at any time, so it’s important to be prepared in case of an emergency situation. Fire safes are a great way to protect your business from the dangers of fire. They provide a safe place for you to store your important documents, assets, and family photos, so you can rest easy knowing they are protected in the event of a fire.

The bottom line is that no matter if you are a commercial property owner, business owner, or homeowner, fire safes will protect your important documents and give you peace of mind!

How do I choose the right fire safe?

Getting the right fire safe for your home or business is extremely important. Here are some things to consider when shopping for a fire safe:

  • Size – Look for a safe that’s large enough for current documents but can accommodate future growth. Standing safes are great for businesses that require hard copies of important documents.
  • Protection Type – When choosing fire safes, Phoenix weather plays an important role. Depending on where you are located, fire may not be the only damage concern. Many safes are equally resistant to fire and water, making them great multi-purpose solutions.
  • Resistance Rating – Different fire safes have different resistance ratings. This determines the safes ability to stand up to specific temperatures and for how long. Choosing a higher temperature safe is best when a facility contains combustible materials.
  • Lock Type – Whether you want a traditional lock, electronic lock, or combination is up to personal preference. Your local safe installation provider will cover the advantages and disadvantages to help you find the perfect safe solution.

Call Metro Lock & Safe, your local locksmith business!

When you need a reliable, safe locksmith service provider, Metro Lock & Safe Inc. is the solution. We are a complete locksmith service provider and have been serving the surrounding areas for over 30 years! We have made it as convenient as possible for you to find residential locksmith services or commercial locksmith services you can trust. We provide expert consultation and fire-safe products for companies of all sizes, no matter what your needs may be. We can even help you decide on which features will be most important, based on your specific situation. From identifying your needs to installation, and repair in the event damage or a lockout occurs, we’re your complete source for fire safes in the area. If you want protection from one of the most dangerous threats to business, call (602) 663-9828.  

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FAQ About Fire Safes

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