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Cheap Tips For Better Car Security

Your car is not a small investment, and is one that should be protected well. You must invest in car insurance to drive on the road, and you should take equal care with any belongings you have or leave in your car. There are several common sense steps you can take to always keep your car safe from thieves and avoid dealing with expensive car theft situations.

Always Lock Your Doors

This sounds like it should be common sense, but it’s amazing how often cars are left unlocked in parking lots. Even if you just plan to run in somewhere for a few seconds, your car doors should always be locked. Make sure your windows are rolled up also. Even in your own driveway, you should make it a habit to constantly lock your doors and keep your windows rolled up. Don’t advertise that your car would be an easy mark for a thief.

Hide Valuables

Many people choose to leave expensive devices in plain view on their seats as they run into different stores or even into home. Hide all valuables before you leave your car. Anything in plain sight works as an encouragement for a burglar to break into your car. Hide cell phones, iPods, purses, wallets, and even expensive stereo equipment. Your car will be safer if it appears there is nothing of value inside.

Be Smart About Where You Park

Any time you park your car, do your best to leave it under a light or in a well-lit area. Lights act as a deterrent for burglars, and dark areas are often encouraging places for them to look. If you have a garage at home, use it regularly. If not, park as close to your home as possible and make sure your doors are locked and your windows are rolled up.

Be Picky About The Type Of Car You Buy

If you haven’t bought your car yet, choose a car that is less likely to be picked as a prime burglar target. Expensive cars and luxury cars are more likely to be targeted than middle class sedans. Be aware of the likelihood of your car being broken into when you first make your purchase.

Avoid The Violation

Having something you own broken into or stolen can create a sense of violation that is hard to recover from. By taking the right steps to protect yourself and your belongings, you can avoid these situations and save yourself time and money. Use common sense each time you enter and leave your car, and you decrease your chances of being a victim of a costly theft.

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Cheap Tips For Better Car Security

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