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Avoid Locksmith Scams With These Tips

LocksmithPeople tend not to think too much about locksmiths until they desperately require locksmith services. Unfortunately, the field is full of scammers as well as legitimate locksmiths, so finding one you can trust completely can be a chore at times. If you are locked out of your home or car, you want to find a locksmith who will give you the best service he or she can, and get you on your way again without too much of a hassle. If you want to avoid a locksmith scammer, use the following tips when you are searching.

Phone Services

If you call a locksmith and they answer the phone by saying something like, “locksmith services” instead of the name of the company, look elsewhere. A reputable business, especially a locksmith, should always answer the phone with the business name. It should be the legal name of the business as well. Don’t trust anyone who refuses to give you the name of the company when you call.


When the locksmith arrives to provide the service you need, make sure you get a proper identification and license where applicable. Some states require the locksmith to be licensed before any operations can happen. Plus, you want to avoid any scammers who may just show up and claim to be legitimate.


Before any work is done, be sure to get an estimate on the cost of the job. To be extra secure, you should get an estimate over the phone when you call, and then again once the locksmith has arrived on the scene. If there will be an emergency service charge, be sure that is included as well. If the two estimates do not match, you should refuse the service and don’t pay.


A good, trustworthy locksmith should arrive in an official business vehicle. The vehicle should be clearly marked with the business name and contact information, so you can be sure they are legitimate and not just showing up in a street car.

Avoid Drilling

Be suspicious if you are locked out and the locksmith immediately suggests drilling or replacing the lock. A locksmith should be able to unlock most any door, so going for drilling or replacements right away is simply a way to up the bill. Find one who makes every attempt to unlock the door before falling back on other methods.

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Avoid Locksmith Scams With These Tips

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