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How Locksmiths Assess Your Residence

Posted on by Metro Lock & Safe Inc.

If you are worried about security in your residence, it is possible to have a professional locksmith come out and inspect the place. A professional locksmith can give you a full consultation and security assessment, giving you pointers on how you can be safer and advice on the different security methods you can take advantage […]

Standard Residential Locksmith Services

Posted on by Metro Lock & Safe Inc.

Lock problems happen to everyone sooner or later. It is very easy to have your mind thinking about something else and forget your keys at home, or to leave them in your car and lock the doors. Luckily, professional locksmiths exist and can help you out if you ever find yourself in need of one. […]

The Benefits Of An Alarm System

Posted on by Metro Lock & Safe Inc.

While locks and keyed entries are very important to your home’s security, alarm systems can be just as important. While locks can prevent entry to those you would rather not have get through them, an alarm system can keep potential burglars from even coming near your home in the first place. A home monitoring system […]

Secure Living Is A Benefit For You

Posted on by Metro Lock & Safe Inc.

Secure living can go a long way to keeping your possessions and state of mind protected. There are several different methods you can use to make sure your belongings are well-protected and secure, letting you concern yourself with other aspects of your daily life. Thieves can be anywhere and can be anyone, so it is […]

Types Of Car Door Locks

Posted on by Metro Lock & Safe Inc.

The type of car door lock you have depends on a number of factors, including how old the car is, what features are even available for your make and model, and your personal preference. Newer models come equipped with more advanced security features that work to protect you and your belongings from potential car burglars. […]


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