Locksmith – Breaking into homes the honest way

  • Ever lock your keys inside of your car while it’s running or inside of a locked house?
  • With good security measures, you could search for a really long time with no results!
  • Some locksmith companies take advantage of you when you’re in this situation.
  • But Metro Lock & Safe Inc is different than those other, dishonest locksmiths.
  • With unbeatable service and efficiency, we’re the best locksmith you can hope to find!

Choose us if you’re in North Mountain Village

North Mountain Village is a region of Phoenix that has a little bit of everything. The Arizona State University West Campus is in this area, with impressive business, health, and education programs. Everything from undergraduate certificates to graduate degrees are offered here, so students in all years are welcome. While students strapped for cash don’t often have the chance to stop by the Metro Center Mall to spend money on clothes and fine dining, everyone can happily spend a little bit of time at Castles~N~ Coasters. This amusement park has video games, mini golf, bumper boats, and of course both castles and roller coasters!

For something more relaxing, North Mountain Village also has the famous North Mountain Park that has hiking trails that lead up to a scenic view, and a visitor center to learn more about the region. Another view can be found at the northwestern edge of the region at the Lookout Mountain Preserve that has an overview of the entire city. Unfortunately, even with such a widespread, panoramic view, you probably won’t have much luck finding those lost keys! But don’t worry; call us up, and we’ll have your door opened up in no time!