The 4 best diners for breakfast in Phoenix

What makes a diner the best for breakfast?

4 best diners for breakfast in Phoenix
The answer to that question depends on who you are and what you’re looking for. We’ve tried to highlight four of the most diverse breakfast offerings tackling the four things people typically use to decide on a diner. Next time you’re locked out of your house, just go out for breakfast. If you don’t like the reason for one pick, just skip to the next. We promise you’ll find a diner that meets your needs and fills your belly. Let’s start out with one of the biggest factors…

The best bang for your buck breakfast diner in Phoenix!

We know we aren’t the only ones driven crazy by the high price of so many diners. You want a generous portion of good food at a price you can stomach. That’s where Matt’s Big Breakfast really shines. Breakfast is served all day and though the menu isn’t huge, you’re always going to get great portions at a great price. One of the favorites is the five spot. This breakfast sandwich comes with 2 eggs, thick bacon, cheese, and onions all for barely more than five dollars. Everything is made from scratch using high-quality ingredients. Get a simple breakfast that tastes great. Visit Matt’s.

A tex-mex style breakfast the way it should be.

Phoenix has a lot of culinary influences. One of the largest comes from just south of the border. The flavors of Mexico run through a variety of dishes in Phoenix. Some restaurants are more successful than others. The Hillside Spot delivers. The majority of the ingredients they use are delivered daily. That means dishes have to be made fresh and to order. There is not a microwave or freezer on the premise. Even french fries are made the same day. With a lot of great options, you’ll want to investigate anything with carne asada in it thanks to a smoker supplementing their professed “Sonoran-style” menu.

The best breakfast for the discerning palette.

It would be great if a restaurant always had choices for specialized eaters, but this isn’t always the case. When you’re looking for breakfast out with your vegan or gluten-intolerant friends you don’t want to sacrifice on flavor. That’s what makes Scramble a breakfast joint so great. This restaurant is all about healthy eating. That’s why you can order breakfast all day, including fairly priced vegan options that can be made gluten free. Meat eaters aren’t out of luck. You’ll find the standard fair as well.

Classic breakfast just the way you remember it.

Duza’s Kitchen is the epitome of small town diner. It’s the kind of place where the wait staff gets to know your name and you know the quality will never waiver. Enjoy local favorites with flavors that are uniquely Phoenix. There’s a lot to love. The restaurant also includes a great outdoor patio so when the weather heats up, you’ve got a neighborhood eatery for a cool breakfast.

Enjoy the best breakfast in Phoenix

Now that you know the best breakfast spots you’ll be ready for a great morning and fueled up for a day of impressive museums and exciting activities throughout Phoenix.

Directions from Metro Lock & Safe Inc.

10209 N 35th Ave #127, Phoenix, AZ 85051

Get on I-17 S from W Peoria Ave
5 min (1.5 mi)

Continue on I-17 S to N 7th St. Take exit 145 from I-10 E
11 min (10.6 mi)

Take E Roosevelt St to N 1st St
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Matt’s Big Breakfast
825 N 1st St, Phoenix, AZ 85004