Sugar Drop Candy Shop is an all-in-one sweet shop based in Phoenix, Arizona. Located in the heart of downtown, Sugar Drop offers a wide variety of gummy bears, sour fruits, chocolates and other treats that are sure to make anyone’s mouth water. They also provide a selection of cakes, cupcakes and ice cream sundaes for customers yearning for something more than just sugar.

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For people who don’t have the time to visit their store location they can check out the Sugar Drop website where they’ll find an extensive online catalogue of products ranging from traditional favorites like caramel apples to unusual selections like chocolate covered bacon! And if you have any special requests or need help selecting what treat is perfect for any occasion – their friendly staff are always there to offer assistance and advice.

It’s no wonder why Sugar Drop has become such a popular destination for locals when it comes to picking up gifts or simply indulging in sweet tooth cravings. Customers can choose from boxes filled with all sorts of classic candy choices as well as discover some new treats they’ll want to try again and again! Plus parents will be pleased to know that Sugar Drop also carries healthier options – like organic gummies and fruit snacks – making it easier for kids get their daily dose of sweetness without going too crazy on eating sugary snacks!

The great thing about shopping at Sugar Drop is the way the owners have arranged things inside the store where customers can browse around and experience a truly wonderful atmosphere. Shelves are filled with countless jars featuring brightly colored confections while walls showcase artwork related to sweets done by local artists adding character uniqueness this place. The owners go above beyond when stocking their shelves – ensuring every customer finds something that would satisfy even pickiest taste bud!

Overall if you’re looking for candy heaven then look no further than Sugar Drop Candy Shop. Whether you’re planning birthday party or simply want stock up on goodies yourself – this place has everything you need plus friendly staff who’ll help select right combination colors flavors bring your event life! So come on over one sweetest places Phoenix today start exploring all wonderful treats await you here!

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