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Sargent Locks Scottsdale

Most Trusted Supplier of Sargent Locks in Scottsdale

Sargent Locks Scottsdale

Sargent locks in Scottsdale. At Metro Lock & Safe Inc. we’re Scottsdale’s most trusted supplier of Sargent locks, offering solutions for business security, access control, and home security. Utilizing the latest advancements in technology allows Sargent to stay ahead of the industry curve. Their aesthetic stylings guarantee security and beauty in one package. Our installation guarantees seamless design and complete functionality.

We’er your complete source for Sargent locks in Scottsdale. That’s because our staff of knowledgeable and extensively trained experts understand security inside and out. If you don’t know which security solution is right for your property, we can help determine your security needs and identify the right Sargent lock for you. With a diverse range of products, Sargent locks are an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications.

Your Local Supplier of Sargent Locks

  • Access Control – When you want customized access control, Sargent locks in Scottsdale have a variety of solutions. Choices include standard lock and keypad combinations, offline motorized locks and a complete line of RF enabled bluetooth solutions. Multiple programming variables include standard, panic, and passage modes. That makes these the perfect option when security and ease of use are required.
  • Deadbolts and Padlocks – Padlocks and deadbolts form Sargent are made with smoothly finished and high grade materials. They carry advanced locking mechanics and high force ratings. These are perfect for primary or secondary security needs. Our selection of Sargent padlocks even include multiple keyways. This can be further integrated with a master keypad system for enhanced functionality.
  • Sargent Locks Scottsdale AZKey Systems – Variable key systems make Sargent locks in Scottsdale your custom security solution. Access can be restricted on three separate levels. Many Sargent locks are fitted with replaceable core systems. These make security changes a snap. Uniquely designed keys make duplication incredibly hard, and components are built to withstand daily use and targeted abuse.
  • Specialty Locks – When you need functional, stylish, and gorgeous security, Sargent’s line of specialty locks deliver. These are created for health care facilities and come in a microbe resistant steel finish. These are made to provide top of the line security while withstanding nearly anything.
  • MicroShield Technology – We provide Sargent’s complete line of Microshield products. This treatment makes an incredible difference in the health of occupants in your home and business. An array of Sargent locks in Scottsdale are treated with their proprietary antimicrobial coating. It has been formulated to radically reduce the amount of bacteria growth that occurs on handles and locks compared to non-treated surfaces.

We provide direct sales, consultation, and installation of Sargent locks at a great price point. Our technicians are friendly, and enjoy walking customers through important features. It’s our goal to ensure you know how to take advantage of the wonderful features inherent to a Sargent lock. Many customers have already switched to Sargent locks in Scottsdale. We also perform replacements and repairs on existing locks.

When you want professional installation, knowledgeable sales, and friendly service on Sargent locks in Scottsdale call (480) 725-6544 or Contact Us today.

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