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Safes Scottsdale

Safes Scottsdale


When they need safes, Scottsdale residents call Metro Lock & Safe Inc.. We’ve been performing services on safes Scottsdale has depended on for over 30 years in order to provide the best in local security. Our technicians know safes like nobody else, and no matter what kind of services you need, we can help. We don’t just deal with one facet of the industry either. As your complete safe solution in Scottsdale, we have you covered.

Services for all Safes

If you need installation, repair, replacement, servicing, or cracking of safes call us. Our technicians are some of the best in the industry. We hire for personality, experience, and skill. When you contact us for services for safes Scottsdale business and home owners trust, you get them fast . We respond in 20 minutes or less and all our technicians come prepared. You’ll get a complete diagnosis of your problem, a no-cost estimate, and a technician with the skills required to work on safes from every manufacturer.

Our technicians are skilled security experts and can help you identify your safe needs. There are many different types of safes and all of them are used for specific purposes. We can help you determine which safes are right for you. This includes the material type, sizing, lock type, and positioning. With the help of our friendly technicians, you can properly take into account considerations that determine safety, access control, and security.

Keeping your valuables safe from outside forces is important, but protection from internal theft is just as important. For many industries considerations need to be taken into account in the event of a robbery.  With our help you, your staff, and your family can remain safe and prepared for any situation. Safe installation types includes:

  • Gun Safes – We can help keep your firearms safe so that the only people who have access to them are those who need to.
  • Floor Safes – These are a fantastic option when you want a small concealed safe with extra impact and fire proofing.
  • Burglary Safes – A heavy duty option designed to keep your valuables safe no matter who is trying to get them.
  • Fire Safes – With the dry climate and lightning storms brought on by Monsoon Season, a fire safe can bring peace of mind against the elements.
  • Cash Drop Safes – When you need a secure solution for your business, cash drop safes offer the perfect solution.
  • Data Safes – Sometimes the most important valuables are digital. In today’s world, there’s nothing more important than protecting personal data.

No matter what kind of safe or service you need, we are here to help. We provide the most comprehensive solutions for the safes Scottsdale needs to stay protected, so call (480) 725-6544 or Contact Us today.

Other Services Include:


Safes Scottsdale, Arizona
Scottsdale is a wonderful city for families and visitors alike. With a number of world class spas and fantastic golf courses, it can’t be beat for those looking to relax and enjoy some incredible weather. For those who like to be a little more hands-on, the recently opened Musical Instrument Museum has instruments from more than 200 countries. Many of these interactive exhibits let you try your hand at the instruments as you learn more about them.

Fans of aviation in Scottsdale won’t want to miss the Arizona Wing Aviation Museum. In addition to seeing a number of incredible planes from throughout aviation history, those with enough moxie can even schedule a ride in a B-17 Bomber! With so much to offer, Scottsdale is not a destination to be missed.