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    Metro Lock & Safe, Inc.: Custom Lock and Safe Solutions in Phoenix AZ

    If you have been looking for a high-quality locksmith in Phoenix, look no further than Metro Lock & Safe Inc. We have been serving the Phoenix and surrounding areas for over 30 years with the highest quality customer service! We have made it as convenient as possible for you to find a locksmith you can trust by servicing the Phoenix area. With services for both residential and commercial buildings, safes, gun safes, and more, our highly trained locksmiths can help with all of your lock and safe needs in Phoenix!

    Access Control

    We can provide you with a comprehensive commercial system for access control, which Phoenix home and business owners can rely on. That means access readers, video monitoring, and even audio systems. With an unparalleled level of control and information comes safety. Key cards as well as bio-metric measures are incredibly difficult to duplicate. Video recordings provide detailed time-stamped visuals for identifying perpetrators in any incident. For the best in Phoenix access control, nobody provides you with the total security we do.

    Alarm Systems

    We have been installing alarm systems in Phoenix that businesses and homes can trust for more than 30 years. Our trained technicians can provide consultation, installation, service, and repairs for a wide variety of alarm system solutions for your business and home. Stop wondering whether your business or home is secure because we can help you ensure it is.

    Alarmed Padlocks

    Our professional installation team can install alarmed padlocks to keep your home or business safe. Unlike other locks that can easily be picked or cut, alarmed padlocks will sound an ear-piercing noise if someone attempts to compromise the locking mechanism. The loud noise can attract attention and scare away a potential thief–and noise is one of the best deterrents against crime, according to many crime experts.

    Burglary Safes

    Keep your valuables in your home or business safe from burglars with our high-grade burglary safe! The right burglary safe for your business will protect against forced entry, no matter what types of tools the burglar is using. Some of the most common tools burglars use include hand tools, power tools, torches, chemicals, and explosives.

    Cabinet & Drawer Locks

    Even though your business stores a lot of information and data electronically, most companies still maintain paper files that contain confidential information. Whether that is information about your employees, sales transactions, client data, or other business deals, it’s important that you keep secure information properly locked up. At Metro Lock & Safe Inc., we have been helping businesses develop the right level of security throughout their facilities, from cabinet locks and drawer access to doors and entire building access systems.

    Cash Drop Safes

    If you operate any retail business or facility where you store cash on the premises, one of the most critical components of your security system is the right cash drop safe that is specific to your business needs. When you use a drop safe, there must be a slot where money can be dropped in–this area can be a vulnerable point if the drop slot is too large and someone can remove the money without breaking into the safe. Getting protection with anti-fishing baffles can help avoid this problem. Contact us today about our high-grade cash drop safes!

    Change Locks

    There are many reasons to change locks in Phoenix. Break-ins and employee changes can leave a lapse in security that needs patching. Unexpected renter and relationship changes can also necessitate the need for lock changes. Older locks can also become more difficult to use, providing less security in the process. When you need a fast, reliable lock change in Phoenix by trusted local professional locksmiths, trust in Metro Lock & Safe Inc.

    Commercial Locksmith

    Finding a commercial locksmith in Phoenix shouldn’t be a hassle for your business, and the safety of your employees and holdings can’t be overstated. At Metro Lock & Safe Inc., we make it easy for you. We provide fast reliable service anytime, anywhere.  Whether you need help with an advanced security system that utilizes timed locks and key cards, or basic locksmith services for a compromised front door, our technicians have the expertise you need.

    Data Safes

    One of the best ways to protect your business from crippling damage from fire, theft, flood, or other natural disaster is to store critical backups in data safes in Phoenix from Metro Lock & Safe Inc. Some companies think that because they have insurance they are protected in case of an emergency or natural disaster, but insurance can’t replace the critical data that you’ve gathered during years of doing business.

    Electronic Locks

    Whether you need a keyless entry for your home, a PIN system for your car, or a keycard to get into your safe, Metro Lock & Safe Inc. is here to help you out. With over thirty years in the locksmithing industry, we have upgraded our technology and systems to bring you the latest in electronic locks in Phoenix.

    Fire Safes

    You may have already developed an emergency plan for fire evacuations, complied with annual fire inspections, installed sprinklers and fire-resistant materials, and practiced fire drills with your employees, but if you haven’t purchased a reliable fire safe in Phoenix from Metro Lock & Safe Inc., you could be missing out on a huge component of your fire safety plan.

    Floor Safes

    When you are looking for that added layer of protection for your personal or business items, getting the right floor safes in Phoenix is important. Come talk to Metro Lock & Safe Inc. today to find out what safes are available and which one will best meet your needs.

    Glass Door & Window Locks

    We provide the best in sliding glass door and window lock systems in Phoenix. Sometimes it is hard to remember that even your sliding glass doors and windows need a strong lock. Of course, it’s easy to remember to put the key in the keyhole of the front and back doors at night, and to check to see if the windows are shut, but people often forget to lock the sliding glass doors and the windows.

    Gun Safes

    With a wide range of available gun safes, Phoenix residents can have difficulty identifying which one is best for them. Instead of trying to do it on your own, call Metro Lock & Safe Inc. to speak with one of our gun safe experts. We can help you figure out which safes are going to provide the right protection for your firearms.

    High Security Locks

    A high security lock is one that is not necessarily undefeatable, but one that is too expensive or takes too much time to defeat. High security locks are given a security rating that tells the customer that they are truly high security. Many times the military or other high-performing industries will use these to increase security. At Metro Lock & Safe Inc., we understand that there are many others out there who want the security of high security locks in Phoenix.

    Key Duplication

    Getting duplicate keys may not seem like something you need to visit a locksmith for, but there are some very good reasons to choose Metro Lock & Safe Inc. as your key duplication locksmith over your local home improvement store when you require quality key duplication in Phoenix. If you have a business or a home and you want to improve overall security, going with a locksmith for your key duplication and overall locks can be better than local home improvement stores.

    Kwikset Locks

    As an excellent option for your new home or property construction, or as an incredibly strong and tough lock replacement option, Kwikset locks can make a massive difference in home security. When you want affordable Kwikset locks from one of the most trusted locksmith companies in Phoenix, look no further than Metro Lock & Safe Inc.

    Lock Repair

    Extensive physical damage, corrosion, or tampering can all require a lock replacement. What a lot of home and business owners don’t realize is that the damage done to a lock isn’t always fatal. At Metro Lock & Safe Inc., our technicians are skilled at identifying the difference, and they’ll never replace a lock that doesn’t have to be at the expense of the owner.

    Lock Replacement

    When you need a lock replacement in Phoenix, you will not find a more professional, experienced, and fast option than Metro Lock & Safe Inc. We’ve been performing lock replacements for more than 30 years. In that time we’ve helped thousands of people in the Phoenix area with emergency and non-emergency-related lock replacement situations.

    Locking Gates

    When you’re looking for added security at your home or place of business, one great way to protect the perimeter and control access to your facility or home is with locking gates in Phoenix. If you’re in the market for a security gate for the first time and you’re not sure how to choose the right one, the experienced technicians at Metro Lock & Safe Inc. can provide you with information and recommendations based on your needs.


    Whether you’re locked out of your home, business, or vehicle, there’s no reason to worry when Metro Lock & Safe Inc. is just a phone call away. We specialize in lockouts of every occasion in Phoenix. You won’t have to wait all day either, our technicians get to you in 20 minutes or less so that you get back inside and back to what’s important.

    Mailbox Locks

    We offer mailbox locks in Phoenix as one of our standard commercial and residential locksmith services. With over 30 years of experience, our technicians have the knowledge and techniques that are needed to take care of all your locksmith needs. If you want to set up a mailbox system at your office, or if you need to change the locks on your existing mailboxes, we can get you taken care of.

    Master Key

    When you need a master key in Phoenix, choose a company with the experience and tools to provide you with a complete master key system, choose Metro Lock & Safe Inc. There are a variety of reasons why master keys can be a desirable security asset for your business. Master keys act much like a skeleton key would, but there is only one grand master key that opens every lock and level of individual change keys for controlling access.

    Master Key Systems

    You have an interest in keeping your business facilities secure, but it’s important to find the right balance between maximum security systems that make day-to-day operation difficult, and minimum security that, while very convenient for employees, may leave your building vulnerable to theft, loss, or other damage. The right access control or master key systems in Phoenix from Metro Lock & Safe Inc. will find a balance between the two opposing forces of security and convenience.


    If you’ve never ordered a padlock before, our experts can walk you through the basics of how to choose the right one. Standard padlocks come with three major components: a body, shackle, and locking mechanism. Some come with added features such as weatherproof casing, or high-security measures like anti-drilling or anti-cropping protection.

    Re-Keying Locks

    If you need assistance with re-keying locks in Phoenix, your local technicians at Metro Lock & Safe Inc. are your best choice. After more than 30 years in the business, we offer the best in customer service and services to rekey doors, locks, and more, all at a price you can afford. 

    Rekey Locks

    Locks that have been compromised don’t serve their purpose any longer. If someone else can get into your home because of a broken lock or key access they shouldn’t have, take action. You need the professionals that rekey locks in Phoenix that the locals have relied on for over 3 decades. Contact us today!

    Safe Combination Changing

    If you have a safe that you haven’t been able to get into, or if you want to simply change the combination, Metro Lock & Safe Inc. can provide you with the best safe combination changing in Phoenix.

    Safe Cracking

    For professional safe cracking in Phoenix, you want Metro Lock & Safe Inc. Safes are designed to be difficult. They excel at keeping robbers and thieves from gaining access to important documents, money, or items. This can work against the person they’re meant to protect when they forget a safe combination. A forgotten safe combination doesn’t mean you can’t regain access to your safe.

    Safe Installation

    There are few things that can keep your valuable paperwork and possessions more secure than a safe. Whether you are looking to purchase a new safe, or you need repairs done on a safe that you already own, call the expert technicians at Metro Lock & Safe Inc. for safe installation in Phoenix.

    Safe Locksmith

    There are few things that can keep your valuable paperwork and possessions more secure than a safe. Whether you are looking to purchase a new safe, or you need repairs done on a safe that you already own, call the expert safe locksmith in Phoenix at Metro Lock & Safe Inc. in Phoenix.

    Safe Repair

    We provide the best safe repair in Phoenix. In addition to repairing safes, we can change the combination, re-key the lock, and get you into your safe if you have forgotten the combination or lost the key. Using the latest in technology, we can repair or get you into your safe without damaging the lock, the safe, or the contents inside.

    Sargent Locks

    We’re Phoenix’s premier supplier of Sargent locks, offering solutions for home security, business security, and access control. Using some of the industry’s latest advancements in technology allows Sargent to stay ahead of the curve on every front. Their aesthetics ensure that you can have beauty and security in one package. Our installation guarantees perfect functionality and seamless design.

    Schlage Locks

    We are your local supplier for Schlage locks, and we’ve got a wide variety of keyed and keyless locks to meet any need. We don’t just sell Schlage locks and hardware though, we install them too. As a full-service company when you need locks that meet your needs from a knowledgeable local supplier, you’ve found the right place.

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