The i.d.e.a. Museum is a museum in Mesa, Arizona, United States, that “celebrates the creativity of children”. The museum is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums and is a member of the Association of Children’s Museums. It is located in downtown Mesa, near the Mesa Arts Center. Browse next blog post.


The i.d.e.a Museum was founded in 1999 by Bonnie and Bruce Hirsch, after they retired from their careers in education. The Hirschs had previously been involved with creating educational materials and teaching methods for primary-aged children to use in the classroom. They saw a need for a place where children could explore their creativity and be exposed to new ideas, and so they created the i.d.e.a Museum.


The museum has three main galleries: The Art Studio, The Discovery Gallery, and The Innovation Gallery. The Art Studio is a hands-on space where children can create their own artworks. The Discovery Gallery features interactive exhibits and activities that encourage children to experiment, think critically, and problem-solve. The Innovation Gallery is a space for rotating exhibitions, featuring the work of local, national, and international artists.


The museum’s exhibits are designed to encourage creativity and problem-solving in children. The museum also offers a variety of educational programs for both children and adults. In addition to its regular exhibits, the i.d.e.a. Museum hosts a number of special events throughout the year, such as family nights, art workshops, and performances.


The i.d.e.a Museum educational programs include art classes, summer camps, after-school programs, and field trips. Overall, it is a great place to expose your kids to different forms of art and creativity while ensuring that they are having a time of their lives. More information here.


The mission of the i.d.e.a Museum is to “nurture creativity and expose all people to the power of innovative thinking”. The museum strives to create a space where everyone can feel welcome, inspired, and engaged. If you’re looking for a fun and educational activity for your family, be sure to check out the i.d.e.a Museum!