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Data Safes Phoenix

Data Safes Phoenix

Protect Your Business With Data Safes

One of the best ways to protect your business from crippling damage from fire, theft, flood, or other natural disaster is to store critical backups in data safes in Phoenix from Metro Lock & Safe Inc.. Some companies think that because they have insurance they are protected in case of an emergency or natural disaster, but insurance can’t replace the critical data that you’ve gathered during years of doing business.

Keeping your data and information safe is one of the most critically important functions of your business. After all, if something happens to your data – whether it is theft, fire, or other damage – it can affect your productivity, and it can cost you a lot of time and money to try and recover from it.

Protect your business with Data Safes Phoenix trusts.

In many cases, a devastating loss like this can even put a company out of business. For data safes, Phoenix business and home owners trust us to provide the right solution for their needs. There are a wide variety of data safe types with different security features and tolerances for specific damage. Depending on your location and current security measures, different data safes can provide maximum security.

Data Safe Protection

Data Safes Phoenix AZ
Data safes are designed to protect not only paper and documents, but also critical computer back-ups and servers that power your business. When it comes to data safes, Phoenix businesses can affordably protect themselves from a potentially damaging loss.

Protect your data from elemental damage.

Security isn’t just about protecting from loss once the elements strike. Taking pre-emptive steps with the help of our expert security technicians can keep damage from occurring in the first place. With a  monsoon season that can lead to extensive flooding, we can advise you on the best place to store your data safes. This can be crucial when protecting from theft and elemental damage.

Since computer and data media is more susceptible to damage from heat than other items, data safes must be designed to withstand heat and maintain a lower temperature inside for longer periods of time. This keep hard drives, disc, and tape backups safe even when temperatures are high enough to damage media in a traditional safe.

We work with business owners throughout the Phoenix metro area to ensure they have the proper protection in case an emergency or disaster strikes.

If you’ve never considered a data safe and you’re not sure where to start, let our trained data safe professionals help. We’ll explain available options, and help you find the safe that fits your needs and your budget. Call (602) 663-9828 or Contact Us for data safes in Phoenix today.

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